Temasek Review 2022
Sustainability at the Core

Embedding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our Core Business

We incorporate sustainability-related assessments when evaluating all investment opportunities.

We have embedded a robust ESG assessment framework across the entire investment process to strengthen portfolio resilience and alignment with our sustainability objectives, while seeking to deliver sustainable returns over the long term. Many of our investment teams have refreshed their market or sector strategies, embedding sustainability as one of the core dimensions that guide their deal origination efforts.

When evaluating investment opportunities, we incorporate sustainability-related assessments into our due diligence process with the goal of not only putting in place the necessary safeguards to minimise any material negative environmental or social impacts, but also accelerating positive outcomes. Our investment teams employ a broad-based research approach to assess company-level ESG information, as well as relevant industry, thematic and macro-level sustainability considerations. Their analysis is supported by a team of dedicated ESG professionals as well as external advisors, where appropriate.

Climate Analysis Integral to Temasek’s ESG Framework