Temasek Review 2022

Public Markers

Our Temasek Review, Credit Profile and Temasek Bonds serve as public markers to anchor our commitment as a robust and disciplined institution through generations.

The Temasek Review is our annual scorecard.

Our Credit Profile covers our key credit parameters in terms of leverage, interest coverage, and debt service coverage. Our credit ratios facilitate a quantitative assessment of our credit quality and demonstrate our fundamental strength as an investment company.

We have received overall credit ratings of Aaa/AAA by Moody’s Investors Service and S&P Global Ratings respectively. Ratings are an outcome of credit rating agencies’ independent assessment of Temasek’s business and financial position in accordance with their respective methodologies.

We issue Temasek Bonds and Euro-commercial Paper periodically to a diversified investor base, including retail, institutional and accredited investors as part of our financial discipline. Their credit spreads, adjusted for any broad macro market movements, are living public market signals of any perceived changes in Temasek’s credit quality. These funding programmes allow us financing flexibility.

Our public markers instil financial discipline, broaden our stakeholder base, and facilitate our communications with the wider community.